We finally did it!

We finally did it. After months of talking, looking at RVs, drawing up plans and rearranging plans 100 times we purchased something today. We purchased a Charcoal Grey 7 by 16-foot contractor’s grade cargo trailer!

What are we going to do with it?

We’re going to build our own custom camper!!20160817_150858croppedFOR-WEB

It is exciting and we are ready for the challenge. For the next couple of days we will be pouring over our options and making choices on every little detail. We are going to strip the inside walls of this trailer and build it back up into our own comfortable little camper that will easily sleep 4 and be our Home Away from Home.

I think that you guys should join us on this journey!

We plan on having it done in 3 weeks and then take it on a 2 week trip down the California Coast.

I will share the process with you and would love to know what you think!

We are Making memories and figuring things out as we Do!





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    • Jason
      Jason says:

      I didn’t keep up with it exactly, but including materials, appliances and everything, we spent about $4000. The only thing that does not include is the cargo trailer. It costs $4200. So we spent a total of $8000 to $8500 on it.

  1. Walter
    Walter says:

    Any idea the full weight? Any problems towing with the Jeep. I have a Trailhawk and want to buy a toy hauler or even just a trailer like yours for two bikes.

    Thank you, looks great


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