True Friends Make Such a Difference in Life

Jason and I have had friends in our adult life but few of them were true friends that we would do life with. I guess the majority of them were acquaintances, or casual friends, that we only caught up with when we ran into them at an event or in town. We have always been so focused on raising our children, and being a family, that it seems we didn’t leave much time for many in depth friendships. Now, don’t get me wrong. We’ve had a few and those friends are still “true” friends to this day even though all of them live half way across the nation from us now! The handful that I’m thinking of are the type that when we are back together it is as if we were never apart. We love each other and have helped each other through trials and heartaches but have also brought tremendous laughter and joy into each others lives.

However, living here in Colorado we feel as if we have hit the friendship jackpot! Not only do we have true friends that share some of the same passions in life that we do but we all connect on such a level that we call each other “family”. This group that we have landed in would look to some as a group that should not, and would not, go together very well. There are 17 of us, 25 if you count the kids that some of us are still raising. And guess what…even the kids all get along and have a blast together! These 17 adults that I’m speaking of vary in age from 30s to 60s! Most of us are married but 3 are single. God put us together in such a unique way! If anyone had tried to form a group that would love unconditionally, support one another completely, have get-togethers weekly simply because we miss each other, rush to each other in times of need and choose to do holidays together I dare say they would not have chosen these individuals. I say this simply based on age difference and the different stages in life that we are all in. But God knew better and He put us together in such a perfect way!

It’s the first time ever, in our adult lives, that Jason and I truly feel that we are exactly where we are meant to be. It is the first time in our adult lives that we have true friends that go above and beyond for one another and truly love unconditionally. It’s an amazing thing to experience and I am beyond thankful. And it is something that I hope and pray each of you get to experience at some point in your life!

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