The Rag

I stayed in a MOTEL last night for the first time in 18 years. I’m not going to lie…motels scare me!
Thanks to the many horror films, suspense movies and news reporting shows that feature motels as creepy, run-down places where people are kidnapped, murdered and/or trapped, they give me anxiety. Then you take a look at them on the side of the road and they truly do look creepy, run-down and straight out of a horror show instead of looking like a warm and welcoming place to lay your weary head. Add the fact that the last one we stayed at was the very last choice, and the last room available, in a town we didn’t expect to need a place to sleep in…it was crawling with roaches and full of people who were less than desirable…it all makes a not so good impression on my impressionable brain!


This Motel last night changed my mind just a little though. At least changed my thought process enough to understand that not ALL motels are scary, dangerous or roach infested. Changed it enough to know that I may give another Motel a chance if the need ever arises again!

If you have ever taken a road trip of any kind, be it on interstates or country roads, you know that there are certain areas in different states where hotels are few and very far between. You can’t always be picky about a place to sleep but you can be stubborn, like me, and sleep in your SUV! But, honestly, after 11 hours of travel in that SUV, you really want to stretch out in a bed!

I discovered last night that if you give the smaller, personally owned places a try you may be pleasantly surprised. Or you may be horrified…which I’m thankful I wasn’t!

My husband made the reservation for our room at the GuestHouse Acorn Inn as we traveled. We wouldn’t need this room until the next night but we have learned to book ahead! So on day 9 of our travels, I drove while he did research for a good safe place to stay in unfamiliar territory. There was not a large selection of hotels along our route and this one motel had excellent reviews. He researched it, read all of the customer reviews and booked us a room without even mentioning it to me. I find that fact hilarious because he always talks things over with me. But with this he quietly booked the room and didn’t say a word until I asked about it the next night when we were almost there. He knew the place had to be good and he knew that at the mention of the word motel my mind would automatically go to the negative…so he quietly made the choice and in the end it was a good choice.

The GuestHouse Acorn Inn was located at an exit on i36 in Cameron, Missouri where most people were simply travel weary and needing a good night’s sleep where there were very few, if any, choices along the route.


It was one small rectangle brick building with rooms in a row on each side. White doors, with a porch lamp on the right side of each door, welcomed us in. The rooms were clean and pretty up-to-date in décor. There was a small fridge and microwave in each room which would have been greatly appreciated if we had been there for more than one sleep. The beds were comfortable and clean which is all I asked.

The next morning before anything else we went to grab breakfast in the little dining room connected to the office. Surprisingly, for a motel, it had a dining room AND breakfast was included in our stay.

It was a tasty meal that did not disappoint! The eggs were real eggs that were scrambled right in front of us…and scrambled to perfection. There was hash with meat and potatoes that was good and a box of fresh doughnuts from a local bakery that were delicious. Juice, yogurt, fruit, waffles…it was all there and we did not leave hungry.

Because we arrived late the night before and only wanted to go to sleep and after a good night’s sleep we only wanted breakfast it wasn’t until we began preparing to get back on the road that I found The Rag.


The Rag was lying on the counter beside the sink all nice, white and folded. The Rag had left us a note of self-sacrifice so I wrote The Rag a note thanking him!


The Rag was a perfect little touch in a MOTEL where the local owners obviously make a huge effort to keep the place welcoming and comfortable for weary travelers.

You’re doing a great job, owners and staff, of The GuestHouse Acorn Inn in Cameron, Missouri and this weary traveler greatly appreciates your efforts!








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