Let’s Do Life Together

Have You Ever Wondered What Story the Stranger Sitting Next to You on a Flight has to Tell?

On a recent flight from Denver to Atlanta, Jase (my oldest) and I chose seats at the back of the plane. In front of us was a dad with two tiny girls. I would later find out that they were both under the age of 2. He was flying alone, with them, from Mexico to […]

Gypsy Girls and Paying Attention

We had stopped to get gas one more time.  We had been driving for 10 hours this last day of our travels and I decided to walk into the store…more to stretch my legs than for any other reason. Crossing the gas  pump lanes, I made eye contact with a young girl who was pumping […]

A Cowboy, A Chance Encounter and A Moment in Time that I Will Never Forget

I met a Cowboy. A real life authentic Cowboy. One that I’m sure had a thousand stories that he could tell me.  Stories of his life, his land, his animals and his family.  Stories that would captivate me just as his smile, rugged tan skin and happiness captivated me.  He talked to his cattle as […]