Let the adventure begin!!

We are on our way!

Eighteen days of travel. Seeing new places.  Meeting new people.  Making new friends.

On our first full day of travel we left northern Colorado and entered Wyoming. We traveled 10 hours deep into that beautiful and somewhat lonely state. I didn’t really take any photos today as we were simply pushing hard to get as many miles down as possible. We didn’t leave the house until noon and needed to get at least 8 hours in!

Although I didn’t take the time for photos this day I can tell you that Wyoming is a beautiful land that is somewhat mesmerizing in it’s vast and empty landscape. Empty meaning you see few people. You see homesteads few and far between with ranching land going on for miles and miles. Mountain peaks, rolling hills, wide open prairie…Wyoming has it all along with a sky that goes on forever and a night sky unlike any you have every seen!  There are no city lights to block out the stars and the view will take your breath away.  The wind will also take your breath away! No kidding!

The Wyoming landscape is so amazing that Pixar actually used it for their movie, The Good Dinosaur. Pixar sent a team, twice, to Wyoming, to get the landscape correct. In the photo below, that is the Grand Tetons they are looking at. How cool is that?

Our first night in our custom-built camper was in the Walmart parking lot of the tiny town of Riverton, Wyoming.

That we stayed in a Walmart parking lot for our first ever sleep in our camper is a little humorous to us.  But hey, it didn’t matter where we parked.  What mattered is how we slept, how warm the camper kept us, how cozy we were and how safe we felt.

We were not disappointed!

Our new beds were super comfortable which allowed for a good night’s sleep. We were thrilled to wake up well rested with no achy body parts!

It was cold when we woke early the next morning, but not overwhelmingly cold, and our small portable propane heater had the camper warm in only a few minutes. The outside temp was in the low 30s so I would say the insulation we put in the camper was a wise choice!

Cozy? Yes! Jason designed it well for our storage needs as well as comfort.  Everything we needed had a place and could be found easily. Adding the blankets, pillows, curtains and rugs added warmth and made it cozy.

And, yes, we were safe.  The door has a dead bolt lock on the inside so we can lock ourselves in.  I felt much safer than I ever did in a tent that is for sure!  But then, I wouldn’t be pitching a tent in a parking lot either!

So, our first night in our camper was a huge success!!

Now! On to The Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park!



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