Hidden Messages

Hidden messages are in our walls!

I am a positive minded person.  I’m always looking for the good and positive in every situation and/or person…and I think little sayings and quotes that are positive, quirky and uplifting are the best!

Therefore, before the bead board walls went up I suggested that the girls each write a message somewhere on the insulation.  The messages would be hidden little jewels of goodness and I liked the thought of that!

Raine grabbed her colored Sharpie Markers and they got busy.

I was tickled to return outside and see just how many hidden messages they had written.  There were “Don’t Ever Give Up On Your Dreams” and “I Don’t Care How Long It Takes Me, I’m Going Somewhere Beautiful” which were both fitting for our family.  Some of the little messages made me smile, some warmed my heart and a couple made me laugh out loud!  I won’t add photos of all of the little hidden messages but here are a few…










Ohana means Family and Family means no one gets left behind…this has special meaning to us so I was thrilled to see it on the wall.


If you know these two girls you know which one wrote this! Sassy, sarcastic and out to conquer the world!  Makes me smile.


Hakuna Matata means No Worries.





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