Day 3 — Exhausted Arms!

Day 3 was a busy day with lots of hands involved. Thank God for our kids who are willing to help out on this large project!


Michael, Lane and Jason cutting the Styrofoam insulation.

Four of the kids helped Jason measure and cut the Styrofoam insulation as well as put it in place. The insulation had to fit precisely between each metal bar, along the walls and ceiling, so precise measuring was important. The cutting and installing was very easy and pretty fast since he had help.


Jason and Michael both work on trying to get the backing off of the tape and are beginning to find the humor in the situation.



Lane waits…and waits…while Jason and Michael try to get the backing off of the tape. It is pretty funny at this point.

Insulation boards had to be held in place until the tape was attached. The insulation wasn’t heavy at all but the amount of time that they had to hold their arms above their heads while holding the insulation in place made their muscles burn. Seriously, they had to hold that insulation in place MUCH longer than they ever should have and it became comical. The tape used to hold the insulation in place was a booger to work with! Everyone ended up tickled trying to get the backing off of each piece of tape…and there were a lot of pieces of tape!


Jason and Michael joke around while Michael tries to get the backing off of yet another piece of tape!

Once the ceiling insulation was FINALLY in place a thin sheeting of wood went up over it. This sheeting was extremely flexible so it took many hands to hold it in place while someone else used the electric drill to place screws in it.


There were 4 of these used on the ceiling and when each one was first placed up there it took all extra hands to hold it in place.


I caught Lane looking all serious and without his smile.

Once the sheeting was finally in place on the ceiling Jason put a couple of layers of white paint over it. We completed the first 3 of many steps to a fabulous ceiling! We have great plans but the final details won’t come until the final stages of the build.


I can’t wait for you all to see what we do to this ceiling. It will be a long process but will look fabulous!



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