Day 2 — Getting Started


Painting on a thick layer of Kilz Primer and Sealer to protect against the possibility of future dampness. We want NO chance of mold or mildew!

It begins!

Jason got started bright and early taking down the wafer board walls that came built into the trailer.   He will add the foam board insulation between each metal bar and fill any gaps with foam insulation.  We struggled with the importance of insulating…my point being that tents are not insulated…but decided in the end it was something we should not skip.

In removing the wafer board walls small gaps could be seen between the framing and flooring, to the outside, so Jason caulked it up tight.  We want no chances of moisture getting into the interior walls in any way!

We left the wafer board flooring, although we will be covering it with other flooring, and rolled a layer of Kilz Primer and Sealer on top of it for protection from any type of moisture or mildew that could possibly occur in the future.  Not sure how moisture in the flooring would happen but we didn’t want to take any chances.

These time consuming steps with the walls and flooring are steps that no one will ever realize he took, except for me and the kids, but they are important steps for the camper to be well built…and if Jason is going to do something he is going to do it 110%.









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