Colorado Bound!

We are somewhere in Nebraska on i80 getting closer and closer to our Sweet Home Colorado.

A black Chevy Traverse just drove past us with a cargo bag on top loaded with their belongings.  On the side of their window, written in window paint, were the words “Bye-Bye Michigan! Hello Boulder, Colorado!”

It made me smile and brought back such a rush of memories of how excited we were to make our move to Colorado 9 months ago.  We couldn’t get there fast enough!

We wouldn’t change a thing about our choice to move to Colorado.  We have felt at home there since the night we arrived.  There was never a transition time.  Never a moment where we doubted our move or regretted it.  It has been the best thing that we have ever done for our family!

I said a quick prayer for the individuals in the black Traverse on their way to their new home in Boulder, CO.  I hope they never regret it.  I hope they make beautiful memories there.  I hope they flourish and I hope they make a positive difference in the area and/or the life of others they meet.


Bye-Bye Michigan!

                     Hello Boulder, Colorado!

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