Instead of Buying a Cheaply Built RV/Camper, We Built an Awesome Tiny House in a Cargo Trailer

Check out my tiny house, or camper conversion, whichever you want to call it. I designed it, and then built it inside of a 7×16 cargo trailer. It has everything we need to live comfortably while on our adventures, including a super comfortable queen size mattress. After-all, a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things while on an adventure! Otherwise you are sore, tired and cranky! Correct?

Below you will find links to some of the products I show in the video.

Links to products I used:


PlayStation Pro:

Kitchen faucet:

Voltage monitor & USB port:

Rooftop Air Conditioner:

Trailer hitch lock:

Inlet water flange:

Sewer Cap Valve:

Composting Toilet by Nature’s Head:

Composting Toilet Vent Cap:

Coco Fiber for Composting Toilet:

Fold-Out Table:

Sewer Hose Support:

Sewer Hose:

Barn Door Hardware:

Barn Door Floor Guide:

Electric Fireplace:

Propane Bottle Mount:


Convection Oven:

Propane Cylinder:

Epoxy for Counters & Shower:

Deep Cycle Battery:

Inverter Charger:

Maxxair Roof Vent Fan:

Seaflow Water Pump:

Water Tank:

Portable Waste Container:

Water Filter:

Expandable Water Hose:

Exterior Porch Light:

Hepvo Inline Sewer Trap:

Galvanized Sink Bucket:

Interior LED Lights:

Water Heater:

I Needed a Portable Air Conditioner So I Built One Out of an Ice Cooler and Computer Fans

This super-quiet, portable air conditioner is easy to build. It runs on USB power which means it will work with a battery, solar power, laptop, or anything else with a USB outlet. Easy DIY Life Hack!

Get the fan here:

Get the cooler here:

Get the solar panel here:

Get the battery pack here:

I’ve discovered something that helps push the air even more. If you buy a small usb powered clip on fan and clip it next to the outlet, it helps draw out more air. Here is a link to the one I use:

How we converted our camper in 4 weeks

I created a time-lapse video to show you how we converted our cargo trailer to a camper in just four weeks. I’ll post more detailed videos later.

DIY World of Warcraft Treasure Chest

This wooden box looks like a treasure chest you would see in the popular game – World of Warcraft. This wooden box can be used as a jewelry box, keepsake box, or any kind of box you like. Below the video is a link to buy the Sculpwood we used in building the box.

You can buy Sculpwood here:

Cargo Trailer to Camper Conversion – Walk-through

Our biggest creation, which I assure you was an adventure in itself, was the conversion of a cargo trailer into a custom built camper!

We spent hours sketching out various plans for the inside of what would become our home-away-from-home.  There are so many options!  Just use your imagination and come up with details that will work for you and your family…and then get busy!

Jason and the boys were literally working on finishing details up until an hour before we set out on an 18 day road trip. It was a push to get it done but was worth it. The camper proved to fit our needs and wants perfectly. Take a look at what we did!

Buy the strip LED lights here:
Buy Camp Stove here:
Buy Stabilizing Jacks here:
Buy Portable Toilet here:
Buy Mini Fridge here:
Buy OxyLED Battery Lights here:
Buy Wood Table here:


How to make a color changing cloud light!

This light is so awesome! It looks like a cloud floating in your home. It has LED’s that change colors and patterns and is controlled by remote. Check out the video and see how easy it is to make. You can make it any size you like, but we used 4 different sized paper lanterns for a cloud that is approximately 2′ x 2′ x 3′. Below the video, you will find a list of supplies needed.

Supplies you will need:

LED light kit w/remote –

Paper Lanterns –

Power Cord –

5 lb box of fiberfill –

Tie Wire –

Glue gun –

Glue sticks –

Note: Any glue gun will work, but you may as well get a good one like the one linked above if you plan on doing more DIY projects.


The progress has been fast and furious on days 4 and 5 with the insulation, flooring and walls.  Those things are a lot of measuring, cutting and placing.  A lot of work can get done in a day with these steps in the building process if you keep a steady pace.


Jason placing the wooden strips on the floor in which the Styrofoam insulation will fit in between. The wooden strips are the same height as the insulation and will support the flooring that goes on top.

Jason kept the wafer board flooring, added wood strips to build it up and then added insulation in between each strip. 


The insulation is laid. Now we will lay wafer board on top and then Pergo flooring on a section of the wafer board.

You can see in this photo that there are three layers to the floor now. The back 2 feet is the base layer of wafer board with Kilz primer and sealer on top.  This area does not need insulation as it will be the “outside” kitchen area and not part of the sleeping area.  From that point on there is another layer of wafer board placed on top of the insulation layer.  The area with only the wafer board showing will be under our bed and never seen…therefore it doesn’t need to be pretty.  Only a small 7 by 7 area will have the Pergo flooring that we picked out.  That saved us a good bit of money!


The three layers of flooring are done as well as most of the insulation in the walls.



Adding the last section of the Styrofoam insulation in the walls.


Once the floors were in tact Jason and the girls measured, cut and placed the insulation for the walls in between each metal beam.

It is coming along and each step gets us closer to the finished product which will be a cozy home-away-from-home camper for our road trips!










Make a driftwood incense holder

Quick easy project. Make your own incense holder. Simply find a piece of driftwood or dead tree branch and make your own incense holder.

How To Make a Batman Wall Light

The kids will love this DIY Batman wall light. It’s an easy and inexpensive project which means you will love it too. You can make it using other images if you like such as Superman, Flash, Disney, or hundreds of other themes.

Below the video is a link to supplies you will need:

Supplies you will need:

Night light –

Cardboard, poster-board and tape – Your local store

DIY Tree Candle Holder

This candle holder is made from kill beetle pine that we collected on one of our many hikes in the Rocky Mountains. It is a beautiful wood in which the designs are created by a beetle that gets under the bark and burrows around. I love to really look at all of the intricate designs but it is also a little sad to me because the busy little beetles end up killing the tree that they are working so hard on. At least we can collect the wood, in areas that it is allowed, and make something beautiful out of it.