Brave Enough

Have you ever wished that you were “brave enough”? 

Brave enough to do anything that scares you? 

Brave enough to hike a mountain trail…

Brave enough to ask a question in class…

Brave enough to oppose someone’s opinion and discuss it…

Brave enough to ride a certain thrilling ride…

Brave enough to walk up to a stranger and begin a conversation…

Brave enough to stand up to a bully…

Brave enough to hug a hurting stranger…

Brave enough to bike a rocky mountain trail…


Brave enough to do anything that is out of your comfort zone?

Well, you are!!

There are so many things in life that people wish they were “brave enough” for…some things we may all agree are scary, but some things may make some of us tilt our heads in thought and wonder, “why in the world someone isn’t brave enough to do THAT?”.  We all have different comfort levels and we all have different things that make our hearts pump harder, our breath come quicker and our minds think that we simply are NOT going to do “that”.   

One of my families “brave enough” moments came when we left everything, and everyone, that we knew and moved to the other side of the nation.  We didn’t do it because a job was forcing us to.  We did it because we wanted to.

It was amazing to me how MANY people…and let me stress MANY…said to me, “Oh! I wish I were brave enough to do something like that.” 

When others would realize that my husband and I were moving our family from Alabama to Colorado the first question was always, “Why?”  And the first thing that everyone always assumed was that it was his job that was moving us. 

When I would explain that Jason owns his own business and we can truly live where ever we want and still run that business, therefore we chose Colorado, people were always amazed. They would almost always follow up with something along the lines of, “Wow!  I wish I were brave enough to move away.”  Or they would say, “Oh, I could never leave this place that I’ve lived most of my life, even though I’m really not happy here and would love to live some place different.” It became predictable!

We even had people tell us, without missing a beat, of the new location that they would LOVE to live…if only they were brave enough to make that move.  So these people had a location that they have thought of, dreamed of and discussed with their loved ones about living there and having a life there…a place that they could see themselves living a happier life, having adventures as well as more opportunities at a better life but they knew they would never make that move.  The sad thing about this is that they were okay with letting their dream of living in a better place go because of a little uncertainty and fear. 

Was I nervous, and a little afraid, of what awaited us in a new location thousands of miles away from family and all that we knew?  Heck yes! 

Am I glad that we did it? That I didn’t let the fear of the unknown stop us? Am I glad that we took a chance instead of staying somewhere that we had our routines and knew the people around us? I can not express enough how GLAD, THANKFUL and BEYOND HAPPY I am that we were “brave enough” to step into something that was out of our comfort zone!!

We have been here for almost 3 years now and we do not regret a single moment! The experiences we have had, the places we have explored and the people we have met have all been better than we ever hoped for! We live in such a beautiful place where any number of adventures are right around the corner. We do life with a group of people that we now call “family”. They are the best friends that Jason and I have ever had in our adult lives. Two of our children have met their soul mates here and our third, and youngest child, has found her passion. We feel beyond blessed in so many ways and all we had to do was be brave enough!! Brave enough to take that first step, to make that move and to trust in God.

So, what are you waiting on? You are brave enough! I know you are!


This day we were brave enough to take our truck off-road up into the mountains around Ouray, Colorado. It was breathtaking in a few different ways!

This was the most strenuous hike that we had done to date. You gain 1000 feet in elevation in 1 mile. It was worth every drop of sweat!!

Snow tubing in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Snow storm on May 18, 2017! Gotta love Colorado and its unpredictable weather. What an experience!

For this photo we were brave enough to drive onto a strangers property, in the middle of nowhere, and ask permission to walk around and photograph. I made a friend that day and made an old lady’s day with our unexpected visit!

Hiking outside of Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

Hiking and climbing near Estes Park, Colorado.

Rocky Mountain National Park…it’s one of our favorite places to escape to!





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  1. Jacqueline Sprenger
    Jacqueline Sprenger says:

    It is so refreshing to hear your beginnings here in Colorado. You have given me a much needed reality check. I am lucky enough to be a native of this God given location and realize that I have been taking it for granted. Thank you Jesus for bringing these folks into my life to give me a much needed kick in the butt!

  2. Jackie
    Jackie says:

    Thank you for the much needed kick in the pants in making me realize that I have been taking this God given location for granted. I am truly blessed to be a native of Colorado and thank Jesus for bringing these folks into my life. 💜


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