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We finally did it!

We finally did it. After months of talking, looking at RVs, drawing up plans and rearranging plans 100 times we purchased something today. We purchased a Charcoal Grey 7 by 16-foot contractor’s grade cargo trailer! What are we going to do with it? We’re going to build our own custom camper!! It is exciting and […]

Gypsy Girls and Paying Attention

We had stopped to get gas one more time.  We had been driving for 10 hours this last day of our travels and I decided to walk into the store…more to stretch my legs than for any other reason. Crossing the gas  pump lanes, I made eye contact with a young girl who was pumping […]

Colorado Bound!

We are somewhere in Nebraska on i80 getting closer and closer to our Sweet Home Colorado. A black Chevy Traverse just drove past us with a cargo bag on top loaded with their belongings.  On the side of their window, written in window paint, were the words “Bye-Bye Michigan! Hello Boulder, Colorado!” It made me […]

The Rag

I stayed in a MOTEL last night for the first time in 18 years. I’m not going to lie…motels scare me! Thanks to the many horror films, suspense movies and news reporting shows that feature motels as creepy, run-down places where people are kidnapped, murdered and/or trapped, they give me anxiety. Then you take a […]

We’ve Been Living our Dream for 5 Months ALREADY?

5 months of happiness and peace… 5 months of feeling like we are exactly where we belong… 5 months of new adventures, breathtaking views, snow, a blizzard and now amazing spring weather… 5 months of waking up to amazing sunrises over the plains… 5 months of watching the sun set in dramatic ways behind the […]