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Estes Park, Colorado is a Town Hugged by the Rocky Mountains and a Place Where the Elk Roam the Streets

There are so many amazing communities, towns and cities in western Colorado that call to my sense of adventure and curiosity. The many that we have visited have not disappointed but have thrilled me with their beauty, history, and quaintness. There is a prevailing positive attitude throughout Colorado that is evident in the way of […]

$1.2 million Given By Woman To Help Pets In Need

In Carter County, Tennessee an incredibly generous woman by the name of Glenda Taylor DeLawder loved animals so much that she left $1.2 million to the pets and animals in her local area upon her death. DeLawder, who passed away in November 2015, was described in her obituary as an “avid animal lover,” and her […]

Colors of Life

Have you ever REALLY paid attention to the colors that surround you in your every day life? When we truly slow down and notice it is pretty amazing how much color is in the world. I know you may be thinking, “Color? Whatever!” but seriously, take a look…

That’s Brilliant!

Have you even seen something that made you think, “That’s brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that?” Well, I have! Check out the following solutions to problems that you didn’t even know needed solving!

Cherry Blossoms Galore!

Who doesn’t love the sight of Cherry Trees in bloom? How about the sight of 8000 Cherry Trees in bloom all at once? The beautiful pink blossoms act as a crown, of sorts, atop these trees and appear to create a magical canopy for the millions of tourists who visit every spring to walk among […]

A Village in Ruins

Rio de Janeiro, a city that was full of hope before the 2016 summer Olympics, has had their hopes and dreams dashed and is now in greater despair than ever. The millions of dollars spent on constructing the Olympic Village and Facilities appears to have been lost forever instead of recouped and doubled as hoped […]