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Brave Enough

Have you ever wished that you were “brave enough”?  Brave enough to do anything that scares you?  Brave enough to hike a mountain trail… Brave enough to ask a question in class… Brave enough to oppose someone’s opinion and discuss it… Brave enough to ride a certain thrilling ride… Brave enough to walk up to […]

My Birthday Hike was a Huge Success!

It was my goal to hike Lumpy Ridge Trail, in Estes Park, for my birthday this year. It’s one of our favorite trails but we haven’t hiked it since I became sick last fall and my muscles turned to mush. The trail is a little strenuous but oh-so-worth-the-effort. We have hiked this trail in every […]

Colors of Life

Have you ever REALLY paid attention to the colors that surround you in your every day life? When we truly slow down and notice it is pretty amazing how much color is in the world. I know you may be thinking, “Color? Whatever!” but seriously, take a look…

Laughter…It’s a beautiful thing!

Laughter! We are born with it. It is as natural as breathing and it is healing. Healing? Yes! Just try being still and listening. When you hear laughter, from a stranger or a loved one, you can’t help but smile. The sound of, and the act of, laughing relieves stress and gives joy.