A Wyoming Night

The roads we were traveling were not lit by streetlights.

There were no townships or cities nearby.

We couldn’t even see any signs of houses but we know there were some ranches scattered about somewhere in the darkness.

We were on a country road, in the dark, in the middle of Wyoming.  To say it was dark is an understatement.  It was a darkness unlike anything that I had ever seen.  Inky black with diamonds in the sky.


Sadly, this photo does NOTHING to show you how magnificent the sky truly was. It gives you an idea though.

The stars were the only light that we could see.

The night sky appeared to be brilliant but our tinted windows dimmed our view somewhat.

So, we pulled over to take a better look and it went like this:

Jason pulls onto the side of the road. I’m a little nervous, thanks to my over active imagination, so I move slowly in exiting the Jeep.

Jason and the girls open their doors and climb out eagerly.  I’m not sure if it was more to see the night sky or desperation to exit the vehicle we had been traveling in for the past 9 hours.

Jason: “Woah!”

Macy: “WOW!!”

Raine: “Oh, wow!!”

Their exclamations overlapped each other and their voices were filled with wonder and amazement.  It was a little comical to hear but without a doubt caused me to hurry up my pace in exiting the Jeep.

I was speechless.  I have never in my life seen such a breathtaking night sky.  I can’t adequately describe it and my camera did not capture the magic of it at all…didn’t even come close!

It was as if I were looking at the sky in an IMAX movie…the kind that makes you wonder if it could possibly be real because it is far too beautiful and detailed.

The Milky Way in full glory, the clusters of stars that looked more like rivers of stars in some places, the variations of sparkle and brightness!  And guys, the canvas before us went on forever!  There was nothing on the horizon to take away from the vision in front of us.  It was cold outside and the sky was clear and crisp.  We could only stand and stare in amazement…until we began to shiver.

We climbed back in the Jeep, happiness bubbling over in what we had just observed, and headed on into the darkness.  We knew that the town we were seeking was only an hour away and we were ready to be there.

It only took us a minute to pull over on the side of the road.  We only spent 10 minutes, standing, staring and soaking in the beauty and enormity of the sky above us.

Those ten minutes that we took to slow our pace, and make an unexpected stop, made such a beautiful impression on us that we may never forget it.  That’s a GOOD memory!  A snapshot in our minds eye that we will always hold onto. We all agree that one of the very best things of our 18-day trip was the Wyoming sky at night.

So, if you are ever traveling through Wyoming at night, please take the time to view the sky.

Make an unexpected stop along your path, no matter where you are, and take in what is around you.

It just may blow your mind a little and make a positive lasting impression in your life.






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