A Village in Ruins

Rio de Janeiro, a city that was full of hope before the 2016 summer Olympics, has had their hopes and dreams dashed and is now in greater despair than ever. The millions of dollars spent on constructing the Olympic Village and Facilities appears to have been lost forever instead of recouped and doubled as hoped during the games. The gamble has thrown Rio even further into debt and poverty.

Not only was it a huge waste of much needed money for a struggling economy, and society, but it was a gross waste of resources as well.  Did you know that the Olympic Golf Course, which cost over 20 million dollars to build, was built on a nature preserve? Now that the damage has been done, the habitats of animals destroyed, the golf course is run down and neglected because they can not afford the upkeep. In fact, the state of Rio de Janeiro has declared a “financial calamity” and is several months behind in paying teachers and public employees partially due to the debt of building the Olympic Park.

The Olympic games ended only 6 months ago but in a series of eerie and depressing photos released last week the 2016 Summer Olympic venues in Rio are shown as filthy, deserted and falling apart. The vandalism alone has destroyed much.

The Olympic Venue in Rio seemed to be doomed from the very beginning with multiple problems plaguing the building of the Village. A village that now sits as a ghost town of sorts instead of bringing in money through tourism.


The Olympic Venue sitting like a ghost town abandoned and neglected. Don’t you think that there should be plans before the building process  begins as to what to do with such a place after the Olympic Games leave? There should always be a plan in place to continue to use the venue to benefit, and bring money, into the area.


Beautiful translucent tapestries created by Brazilian artist Adriana Varejao, fall from the exterior of the aquatics center as a combination of mud, rainwater and dead insects have contributed to the rust color of the water in a practice pool.


The world famous Maracana Stadium, which is said to be Rio’s crown jewel has fallen into a state of abandonment and has been closed to tourists due to a dispute between the stadium operators, the Rio state government, and Olympic organizers over $1m in unpaid electricity bills and management of the venue.


In 6 short months the stadium has brown sod and has suffered greatly from vandalism.


Seats have needlessly been pried from the stands of the Maracana Stadium and thrown in a huge pile.


Another scene from inside the once beautiful Olympic stadium.


The Media Center was recently demolished and is now a health hazard. Why would they build it only to destroy it 6 months later?


The demolition of the Media Center left a tremendous amount of trash.


The multi-million dollar Olympic golf course that was built on a nature reserve. It is now a strong possibility that this too will be abandoned as it costs nearly $100,000 a month to take care of.





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